12 Must-Have Visuals In An Online Course


12 Must-Have Visuals In An Online Course


Captivating Video Lectures

Enhance the personal connection with your students by incorporating video lectures. Whether it’s a welcome message, explanatory video, or tutorial, seeing and hearing the instructor adds a human touch to the course. Keep videos concise and well-edited to maintain student interest.

Step-by-Step Screenshots

Screenshots are another crucial visual you should include in your online courses, particularly when describing step-by-step procedures. For instance, it can be quite beneficial to show screenshots of the Facebook platform when guiding your audience through building a Facebook Page in a session on social media marketing.

Consider how much faster it would be to just include a screenshot rather than trying to write a paragraph-long explanation of what your student should be viewing. It’s beneficial for you both to just picture what they ought to be seeing.

Visualizing Data With Charts And Graphs

Integrate charts and graphs to present information visually for courses involving data and statistics. Whether it’s a bar graph, pie chart, or line graph, visualizing data makes it more accessible and aids in comprehension. Tools like Excel or Google Sheets can assist in creating professional-looking visuals.

Enhance Content With Stock Photos

Stock photos are a very simple, yet no less significant, visual to use in your online classes. You can search through the many stock photo resources accessible and choose the images that best fit your text. Stock photographs can break up long text passages to save time and money in creating visuals.

Power Of Infographics

Infographics are powerful tools for simplifying complex information. By condensing key concepts into visually appealing graphics, you give students a quick and easy way to grasp and remember important ideas. Use color coding, icons, and concise text to create visually striking infographics that serve as effective study aids.

Dynamic Timelines

A timeline is a fantastic tool for sharing visual information as well. Whether it’s the development of social media marketing or a historical event that relates to the subject of your course, this allows you to visualize a chronological occurrence. Online Class takers may utilize timelines for almost any kind of chronological lesson that you need to include in your online course because they are so adaptable. Offering progress bars to your students to see how far they’ve gone is a terrific method to encourage them to finish longer online courses that can take a while to complete.

Gamification Elements For Engagement 

Including gamification elements in your course can make the learning process fun and engaging. Accumulating elements like badges, progress bars, or interactive challenges can have a large effect, on whether you need help with online class or want to increase participation. Various platforms including Kahoot and Quizizz offer gamified features that are easy to implement and use.

Animated Characters For Concept Visualization

Animating or using characters to assist students in visualizing difficult concepts is another entertaining activity you may do with your class. Using cartoon characters can make speaking about heavier or more complex themes funnier. And we’re not talking about Spongebob or Daffy Duck here. Instead, utilize animated figures that resemble people and strike various stances and gestures to highlight key points of information.

Printable Resources For Practical Application

Provide your students with printable worksheets, cheat sheets, checklists, and more so they can complete your online course offline. Students who may still be interested in your course and its subject matter but may be wary of the online course style may find that this helps them feel more at ease about purchasing your materials.

Enhancing the quality of your online course can be achieved by providing students with practical content that allows them to apply what they are learning.

Icons And Illustrations For Visual Appeal

Using icons and graphics is a terrific method to help break up long content sections and help your text look better. These are ideal for use in slides for presentations, infographics, and other graphics.

It greatly enhances this image; you can apply the same technique in your online course. These pictures are invaluable, whether you design them specifically for your material or Just use an illustration related to your subject to break up prose.

Dynamic Animations For Attention

Another excellent strategy to get your students to pay attention and concentrate on the content is incorporating some animation into your online course. This can be done in a few different ways.

Firstly, you may make dynamic and animated graphics to utilize as pop-up quizzes on your online course pages. Making animated images that are pertinent to your course material and aid in the visualization of various ideas is another excellent method to employ animation. This could be a graph, an animated flow chart, or an animated text illustration.

Visual Guides

For example, you may find it difficult to describe the different poses and motions using textual language when teaching yoga online because you need to demonstrate the movements to your students.

Visual guidance can help in this situation. For our yoga example, you can utilize pictures of models or yourself teaching the different poses. Alternatively, you might use characters to demonstrate the various stances in a visual guide similar to the one below.

It would be best if you thought about how to build guides and demos for your students that further clarify your thoughts because visual aids are beneficial for almost any business and online course.


In conclusion, the success of an online course isn’t solely determined by the quality of the content but also by how that content is presented. The strategic use of visuals enhances the learning experience, making it more enjoyable and effective for students. From infographics to gamification elements, incorporating these 12 must-have visuals will capture your students’ attention and contribute to their overall success in the course. Elevate your online teaching by embracing the power of visuals and creating a learning environment that truly stands out.