T20 Cricket World Cup 2024 In USA- What, As students, Should You Know About It?


T20 Cricket World Cup 2024 In USA- What, As students, Should You Know About It?


Did you know the USA has been hosting the T20 cricket World Cup 2024 with West Indies? You might never have heard about CRICKET, Or just heard about it, but don’t know what it is. And like you, many people don’t even know about this sport. Some think this sport is similar to baseball, But the reality is that the sport is entirely different from any other sport.

Although it needs a bat and ball to play (Which is also required in baseball), there are countless differences between them. And if you haven’t seen or heard about this cool sport. Then, till the end of the post, you will get everything you should know about it.

 Some Basic Information about Cricket

Two teams are required to play a cricket match, and both teams should have 11 players. A bat and ball are required to play the match. One team has to bowl other team players. Two players with bats stay on the crease of the pitch (one is a striker, and the other is a non-striker).

The bowler throws the bowl towards the batsmen, and it should bounce once onto the pitch. The batsmen hit that ball for runs. There is a boundary on the ground. If the batsmen hit the ball directly out of the boundary rope, it is six runs. If the ball hits the ground before reaching the boundary, then it is four runs. Two umpires stand on the ground to check the legal deliveries and everything happening in the game.

I can’t explain cricket in a couple of paragraphs. It at least needs a few pages. So, you should read about it in detail and see pictures and videos to understand it better.

Cricket World Cup and Everything You Should Know About It

What is a Cricket World Cup?

As you can guess by its name, the World Cup is an event in which a competition is between many cricket teams around the world. There are two types of World Cup: ODI, or the 50-over World Cup, and T20, or the 20-over World Cup.

This is the 9th edition of the T20 World Cup. And this time, 20 teams are playing. These 20 teams are divided into four groups of 5 teams. And each team has to play four games. After those four games, the top 2 teams from each group will go for the Super 8 round.

After playing the Super 8 round, four teams will qualify for the semi-finals, and two teams will qualify for the final. Then, one champion team will lift the World Cup trophy.

Important Information for Students

A new Sport for the people of the USA

A lot of people in the USA don’t even know about cricket. One reason for arranging the World Cup in the USA is to raise awareness of this incredible sport. As this is the 2nd most played sport around the world after football.  There are many platforms where you can watch it online. And to maintain your study and watch cricket both at the same time, you can hire someone to take my online class.

Youngsters and teens in the USA have a very good opportunity to represent their country by playing cricket. It is a relatively new sport for the citizens of the USA. And it is a historic time for cricket, as it came to the USA for the first time.

Opportunities and Future of the Sport

While talking about the future and the opportunities in the field, you should understand that the sport is new in the USA. And there is almost zero to no competition in getting into it. So, if you have an interest in this sport, then you can have a very good career.

The sport has the potential to help you explore the world. And this sport is what can be a really promising future.

There are cricket leagues held in different countries of the world, like IPL (INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE), PSL (PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE), BBL (BIG BASH LEAGUE) and BPL (Bangladesh Premier League). Where cricketers all over the world go and play and earn a good amount of money.

USA Cricket and Their Current Position

Although, the USA cricket team is considered as an associate team (The team that doesn’t have the status of “TEST PLAYING NATION” is known as an associate team). But it shocked the world on 6th June 2024 when they played against Pakistan and outplayed them in all three sections batting, bowling, and fielding.

The USA team has a great bunch of players who helped their team to victory over Pakistan. Which is a very competitive team for any team around the world. Saurabh Netravalkar, Ali Khan, Monank Patel, and Aron Jones, played a huge role in winning the game for their country which according to ICC is the BIGGEST UPSET IN THE HISTORY OF CRICKET. Cricket in the USA has been growing rapidly and currently they on the second spot of their group in the T20 Cricket World Cup.

This is incredible coming from, Broward County Stadium was called off due to rain, and the Americans advanced to the Super Eight stage and automatically qualified for the Twenty20 World Cup in India and Sri Lanka in 2026. The USA qualified straight for the 2026 World Cup after securing a position in the Super 8 of the current T20 World Cup. Florida [USA]

Why is it Important to know about Cricket?

Firstly, it is the second largest playing sport in the world. And it gives you fame, money, a good lifestyle, and a chance to represent your country. Secondly, because it is known all over the world. So, will travel all over the world.

Thirdly, it is a new sport and is easy to land in. Fourthly, it is a historic day for the USA. This is the first time the USA is hosting the World Cup. And that is going to be a memorable moment in history as a positive expansion of the sport.

So, if you are a school student then there might be questions of assignments would be on this topic. So, having basic knowledge about it is good for you. If you are going to watch and follow the tournament then you should go to an expert to take my online class. And this way you will maintain both study and cricket.


The USA is hosting the T2o Cricket World Cup 2024 alongside the West Indies. But many people in the USA don’t know about it. Cricket is a game of bat and ball and there are 2 teams with 11 players each. This sport is the second most played sport in the world.  And has worldwide opportunities.

The sport is the second most popular sport and this makes it a very prominent field to adapt and secure a good future.  Although, right now in the USA there isn’t any extensive competition in this sport. But, the future holds plenty of opportunities. And every youngster especially students should know about it.